Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring System(VTMS)

VTMS project is planned to offer benefits to provide on time information to the stakeholders which includes - KSRTC operating staff, Control Center Staff, Bus Stand Staff, and Commuters. The system is expected to provide quality real time information on arrival and departure status, handling of incidents and accidents, increase safety of commuters and staff, reduce operational costs, improve traffic efficiency etc.... The proposed VTMS project implementation will include core components such as:

Vehicle Tracking System, Real Time Trip Information System, establishing a Central Control Station at Bangalore to have a centralized view of the entire operations. Data from existing system like AWATAR, ETA will have to be interfaced to the VTMS to provide complete picture of operations, and enhanced level of services to the commuters. Expected time of Arrival will be displayed at the bus stations on a LCD display along with the advertisements. Real-time passenger information is a system which informs a passenger of the expected time that a bus will arrive at a bus stop, rather than the scheduled time. It works using a global positioning system (GPS) installed on the bus which transmits its location to a central computer. The computer then calculates the time it will take to travel to the next stop and this time is then transmitted to the stop display board, which is displayed to passengers.

Solution Components
  • -SMS

  • -Vehicle Mounted Unit (VMU)

  • -Application Software Components

  • -To know ETA of buses running between two places.

  • -VTMS Portal on the Internet for Commuters

Vehicle Mounted Unit (VMU)

VMU will update the location information like Latitude and Longitude to the central server through GPRS.

Electronic Ticketing Machine

By integrating ETM to VTMS, The reservation system will be online throughout the trip duration. AWATAR is closed when the bus is at the Bus Stand. Only ETM is open at the Bus stands for Booking.

Display Boards

Provide access to real time information related to bus schedules, Expected Time of Arrival (ETA), Estimated Time of Departure (ETD), Seat Availability etc., through Display Boards at the Bus stands.


Provide access to real time information related to bus schedules, Expected Time of Arrival (ETA), Estimated Time of Departure (ETD), PNR Inquiry etc., through Public SMS Service

NOTE-->Total of 1900 buses which include all BCD schedules,Express & above schedule of RMN,MYS,MNG,and PTR division are coverd under first phase of VTMS-PIS project and it is under testing